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Increase the efficiency and accuracy of your network services costing, quoting and ordering with Sell-n-Serve. Sell-n-Serve was built from the first-hand experience working with carriers since 1983. It's flexibility will accommodate your company's unique needs, as complex as they may be. Request a demo to see how you can reap the benefits of Sell-n-Serve and why it's the trusted solution for providers around the globe!

Sell-n-Serve For You

Effective Quoting

Fast and accurate service availability and quoting of all your products via a centrally managed quoting application, as described below:

  • Product input validation. Address validation and service availability checking to ensure you are quoting serviceable addresses. Validation of product options to ensure correct configuration. Appropriate rates applied based on location attributes.
  • Workflow for multi-user coordination. Organize and track quotes that need input from multiple people. Work queues are created for each user to easily stay on top of pending requests.
  • Quote and Service Order generation.. Populate branded quote and service order templates. Deliver a consistent message on all quotes and service orders.
  • Customer self-quoting. Give customers self-quoting capabilities through your own branded quoting portal. Generate more business by making it easier for your customers to do business with you. Customers can engage your team when assistance is needed with the click of a button. Internal reps spend less time creating quotes and more time looking for new business. Customers can directly integrate their quoting tool to yours to further streamline operations. Different quote view for employees vs customers based on your needs.
  • Sales Analytics. View configurable management reports and graphs on real-time quote activities.
  • Easily update your availability and rates. Update availability and rates, as needed via the Product Catalog. Allow only authorized users to update back-end data.

Local Access Supplier Quoting

Empower your organization with instant vendor quote comparisons from all your vendors in a single application. Vendor quotes reflect the exact product specifications that you need and your specific business rules.

  • Decrease quote turnaround from days to minutes. Instant price comparisons of all your vendors in a single place. No more accessing multiple quote portals, looking into multiple Excel files and managing multiple emails. Direct integration to vendor quoting tools worldwide.
  • Support for all your products. Ethernet, Broadband, DIA, MPLS, TDM, etc. Special access tariff pricing in the U.S. and Canada is also provided with bi-monthly updates.
  • Streamline quote to order process via integration to your other internal applications. Integrate Sell-n-Serve to Salesforce.com, Dynamics CRM, Google Maps or other upstream or downstream applications.
  • Automate the ICB quoting process with your vendors. Quote requests generated automatically to your vendors. Responses automatically updated in Sell-n-Serve. Keep track of pending requests. Track vendor responsiveness.
  • Organize multi-user updates of quotes via workflow. Manage work queues and stay on top of delays to ensure timely delivery of complete quotes.Address, Market and CLLI based pricing
  • Real-time metrics on vendor quoting activity. See which vendors you quote the most to increase your vendor negotiating power. Configure reports based on the metrics important to you.
  • Quickly update your vendor data. Update your vendor contracted rates, availability and interconnection points yourself via the Product Catalog. Cleanse vendor building lists before loading. On-board new vendors without programming.
NDA will guide you through the implementation process ensuring fast and accurate deployment.

International Quoting

One application to quote your services anywhere in the world. Sell-n-Serve automates the complexities of international quoting so your team can focus its efforts on more important tasks, like selling!

  • End-to-End Solution Quoting. Quickly price end-to-end solutions consisting of access, backbone, CPEs and any other applicable charges. Sell-n-Serve will determine the optimal interconnect (POP/NNI) locations based on your business rules.
  • Global Access Quoting. Aggregate your vendors' availability and pricing into one tool so you can quickly obtain access costs anywhere in the world. Vendor offers are automatically calculated via API integration to vendor quoting tools (eBonding) or by loading availability and price lists directly into Sell-n-Serve. Differentiate vendor offers by price quality (firm vs budgetary), SLA, lead time or any other characteristic important for you.
  • Near-net Quoting. Increase quoting coverage by providing near-net solutions when your customer location is within a certain radius to an on-net building.
  • Backbone Optimization. Save time by instantly determining the best route for your backbone circuits via least cost or least distance. Visualize the route on a map and easily make modifications with just a few clicks.
  • CPE Quoting. Based on the product configuration, optimal CPE(s) are included in the quote. Users can also choose to include specific CPEs if necessary. View the Bill of Materials to ensure the CPE will meet the solution requirements.
  • Global Address Validation. Ensure you are quoting valid locations with Sell-n-Serve's integration to Google Maps geocoding. Address validation is supported globally.
  • Vendor Bidding Portal. Invite vendors to bid on quotes when automated pricing is not readily available. Vendor offers are saved in Sell-n-Serve with the appropriate markups applied. Keep track of which vendors have submitted offers and which ones are still awaiting response.
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